Yoga Classes


This is a great way to introduce yourself to yoga.  We will consult and go through basic poses to get you comfortable with the idea of going into a class setting.  This is where we will learn to modify and love the body that you have.  With private instruction, I will provide you with 2 “classes” that you can work on yourself.

For private instruction contact me at

En Fuego Yoga @ CrossFit En Fuego

Tuesdays 7:15pm

Fridays 11:00am

In our CrossFit workouts, we must always be aware of, and pay close attention to our form, but many times, because of the quickness of the exercises and the pace of our workouts, we may not be paying attention to how our body feels as we are in the process of moving it. In CrossFit Yoga we will bring an awareness to not only how our body moves, but how it feels as it moves. So in a workout, say performing a push press, you feel a little ache in your right shoulder. The next day in your yoga practice we could focus on the same movement as the push press, just slower and with awareness. You may begin to notice exactly when in the movement your shoulder tweaks and then you are able to adjust your body and find out how to perform the movement without the aches and pains. Or maybe, you find the ache happens because of a lack of flexibility in your shoulder. By becoming more aware of your body, it becomes much easier to find ways to help your body function better both in and out of the gym.

Yoga is a great compliment to your Crossfit workout. It can help you bring your workouts to the next level, at the same time it will help reduce stress, calm the mind and release your body.

Ready to try yoga but don’t have a “yoga body”? Or maybe you’ve been intimidated by the idea of showing up at a yoga studio. If you are recovering from an injury, have a hard time getting up and down off the floor, have a large body, or just want to try yoga in a low-pressure, judgment-free environment – My FUNdamentals class was created just for you. Taught by a self-proclaimed “big yogi with a big asana”, this class is perfect if you’re plus-sized, a beginner, or just looking for a basic experience on the mat. An educational class, we focus on form, modifications and breaking the poses and vinyasas into bite size pieces.  Feel strong in your body.

New Class Location and Time Coming Soon!


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