Personal Training

Do you need that extra push?  Someone to hold you accountable?  I can be your drill sergeant or that person that makes it more fun and holds your hand while you make lifestyle changes.  Sometimes you just need someone there for you and only you.  I am training people at CrossFit En Fuego (  They have all the “stuff” we need and we can get you ready for group activities if you decide you want to do that down the road.

Call/text/email to schedule a private introduction to CrossFit session. Cost is $40 per session.

To get started in our CrossFit program you must complete our Ignition Course. “Ignition” is a 3 session introduction to the fundamentals of CrossFit. Each class is approximately 1 hr in length and will involve a warm-up, skill work, a short workout, and a cool down/stretch.

Price of the course is $100 ($180 for couples).  After the Ignition course, you may wish to go into what I jokingly refer to as “general population”.  You will have the technology at the end of Ignition if you so desire or we can continue on private sessions at $40 per session.  Fitness is what fits YOU.



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