Kilroy Workout / Excellent Travel Workout

Today’s YogaSculpt Class:



Neck Rotations

Shoulder circles

Trunk Twists

Hip Rotations

Forward Fold

Down Dog

Runner’s Lunge bilaterally

Warm Up:

5 Crawlers

20 Side Bends (10 each side)

20 Side Lunges (10 each side)



10 Burpees

10 Russian Twists


9 Burpees

9 Russian Twists


8 Burpees

8 Russian Twists

And so on until you are down to Zero/Zed/Nada!  Stop for water periodically.  This is a great travel workout. Russian Twist is a sit up.  Knees bent, arms behind ears,  crunch up to your knee then twist your right elbow to your left knee and then left elbow to right knee.  Google Burpees if you don’t know….

After you fall down and die, breathe, drink, cuss at me, here’s your yoga cool down:

Down Dog

Right leg Pigeon

Sleeping Pigeon, Center 5 breaths, Right 5 breaths, Left 5 breaths

Down Dog

Left Leg Pigeon

Sleeping Pigeon over the front, then right, then left…5 breaths each

Childs Pose

Cat/Cow for 5 waves

Spinal Balance, bilaterally

Childs Pose

Then, do a few more stretches/poses like Happy Baby and find your Savasana….






About Debbie Forbes, LMT, CPT

Debbie has been a Licensed Massage Therapist (FL LMT MA16310) for over 18 years. Originally from the Chicago area, she moved to St. Pete in 1986. Her specialties are deep tissue, Lomi Lomi, Thai Yoga massage and Stress Therapy massage. She has traveled to Hawaii, the Bahamas, Mexico and various other places to study bodywork and allied modalities. She takes from her many years of experience and multitudes of classes to structure a massage based on your needs. Debbie is also a Certified Personal Trainer and Yoga Teacher. She believes that Integrative Systems, such as, Yoga, Massage and Personal Movement have been developed to guide us in this journey. An avid cyclist, Debbie travels around the country doing century and double century rides. She is a reluctant triathlete, cross fitter, occasional doughnut eater and is a USA Triathlon Official in her spare time.

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