Warm Stone Massage

Massage is thousands of years old, dating back to ancient China, Japan, India, Egypt, Greece and Rome. Native Americans added a more modern twist by first putting basalt stones, heated by fire, on bodies to heal. Since then, the technique has evolved and now we heat the stones with water and use a variety of differently shaped basalt stones for a deep tissue massage.

Placing and kneading hot stones over muscles helps increase an area’s circulation and blood flow to stimulate healing to painful or damaged muscles. The deep tissue massage and heat of the stones also aid in the ability to move toxins and waste through the body. Massage also promotes relaxation, eases stress and anxiety, as well as alleviates muscle aches and back pain.

A Warm Stone Massage utilizes hot basalt stones, generally that are heated in 120 to 150 degree F water. I will then massage oils into the skin utilizing Swedish and various other massage techniques I have learned in my travels. This relaxes and makes it easier for the body to absorb heat from the stones. I will then place a variety of stones at focal parts of the body and gently massage your muscles with them.  The stones release heat and where they calm and relax the muscles. When stones cool, they are replaced with another heated one during the duration of the massage. A nice way to create a “Spahhhh Day is to follow a Warm Stone Massage with a traditional massage.

During a heated stone massage, the body undergoes numerous physiological and physical changes. This can include an increase in heart rate temperature and rate of breathing. This elevation in the body will rise and dip as the stones are working to heal the body, and it may even continue to do so long after an individual finishes with their massage. This reaction is normal, as the body is reacting and adapting to the effect of the heat on the body.

A heated stone massage is believed to have numerous healing properties and go beyond the traditional massage. The heat can help relieve muscle tension and allow the body to relax and be at ease. A hot stone massage can also help with inflammation, injury, back pain, poor circulation, osteoarthritis, arthritis pain, stress, insomnia, calm nervous system, and help with depression and anxiety.

Contraindicated for individuals with: High blood pressure, circulatory disorders, heart issues.  Not recommended for soon-to-be Mommies.


About Debbie Forbes, LMT, CPT

Debbie has been a Licensed Massage Therapist (FL LMT MA16310) for over 18 years. Originally from the Chicago area, she moved to St. Pete in 1986. Her specialties are deep tissue, Lomi Lomi, Thai Yoga massage and Stress Therapy massage. She has traveled to Hawaii, the Bahamas, Mexico and various other places to study bodywork and allied modalities. She takes from her many years of experience and multitudes of classes to structure a massage based on your needs. Debbie is also a Certified Personal Trainer and Yoga Teacher. She believes that Integrative Systems, such as, Yoga, Massage and Personal Movement have been developed to guide us in this journey. An avid cyclist, Debbie travels around the country doing century and double century rides. She is a reluctant triathlete, cross fitter, occasional doughnut eater and is a USA Triathlon Official in her spare time.

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