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While I would love to take credit for this, I am merely channeling the chapters from Younger Next Year by Chris Crowley and HenryLodge.  Read it, buy the audiobook, have someone read it to you, check out my teaser here, but get the information.

1.  Exercise – 45 minutes a day, 6 days a week.  For the rest of your life.  Again, FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE.  If you are working full time, 5 days a week.  To Begin:

  • Go slow at first
  • Get a heart rate monitor. This is at first a 4 day a week, slow continuous effort.  The heart rate monitor will show you if you are staying in your zone.  Quick, rough way to know is to subtract your age from 220.
  • When you first start it is about building a base of fitness, so do what you can, but make sure you can get out there the next day to do it again.

2.  Do serious aerobic exercise – four days a week….Yup; for the rest of your life.

  • Now you have a base.  Go harder.  But as you hit your year anniversary, mix it up.  Slow and steady one day, hard work the next.  You’ll know what feels right.
  • Do at least one day a month of extra long.  Long and slow.  Two hour hike? 3 hour bike ride? Whatever floats your boat.

3.  Do strength training with weights two days a week for…. say it with me now, the rest of your life.

      • To begin, hire a trainer.
      • This two days a week will set you up for all the adventure fitness you are going to start wanting to do.  Climb Machu Picchu?  Squats and lunges are the saving grace!

4.  Spend less than you make – I can’t comment too much on this one.  I fail miserably.  I have wants, needs!!  Oh, Lordy to be so decadent!  But we all know with a good financial back, there is WAY less stress!

5.  Quit eating crap – YUP.  It’s that hard and that simple all at the same time.

6.  Connect to Peeps and Commit.  If you are a loner, get a dog.  People that have or help people live much longer.  It’s a fact, Jack.

Read the book.  Really.

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About Debbie Forbes, LMT, CPT

Debbie has been a Licensed Massage Therapist (FL LMT MA16310) for over 18 years. Originally from the Chicago area, she moved to St. Pete in 1986. Her specialties are deep tissue, Lomi Lomi, Thai Yoga massage and Stress Therapy massage. She has traveled to Hawaii, the Bahamas, Mexico and various other places to study bodywork and allied modalities. She takes from her many years of experience and multitudes of classes to structure a massage based on your needs. Debbie is also a Certified Personal Trainer and Yoga Teacher. She believes that Integrative Systems, such as, Yoga, Massage and Personal Movement have been developed to guide us in this journey. An avid cyclist, Debbie travels around the country doing century and double century rides. She is a reluctant triathlete, cross fitter, occasional doughnut eater and is a USA Triathlon Official in her spare time.

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